Grade: PRO TALC – 96

Products: Talc

Grade: PRO TALC – 88

Products: Talc

Grade: PRO TALC – C (Custom grade)

Products: Talc

Talc is a purified, hydrated, magnesium silicate widely used as a dissolution retardant in the development of controlled-release products. Talc is also used as a lubricant in tablet formulations in a novel powder coating for extended-release pellets and as an adsorbent. Talc is additionally used to clarify liquids and is also used in cosmetics and food products, mainly for its lubricant properties.

Cosmetics Applications:

Anti-Diarrhoea Tablets, Anti-Diarrhoea Suspension, Mycotoxin & Aflatoxin Binders, Pharmaceutical Aid, Excipient & Filler for Pills, Tablets, Anticaking & Lubricant, Dusting Tablet Moulds

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