Gravity Based Water Purifier
Non - Electrical Gravity Based

METAFLO has a Elegant table-top design with storage capacity 6 L Pure Water, 4 L Raw Water. Unbreakable ABS food-grade material. Provides you clean and clear water, without any unpleasant odor and taste.

Mineral Based Water Purification

METAFLO is first of its kind mineral based water purifier. Which is based on Mineral Modification (MM) & Effective Flow (EF) Technology.

Smart cartridge design

METAFLO has a patented cartridge design to give the best performance. This unique design allows MetaFLO water purifier to maintain its quality by providing effective contact time and consistent flow.

Uses / Application

  • Residential / Domestic Set Ups
  • Community Water Setup
  • Borewells / Handpump Setups
  • Pre - Existing water filters
  • Pre- R.O & Post R.O
  • WTP Water Treatment Plant